SunKissed Tanning - Horrible made me cry

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I emailed them On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 7:36 AM, wrote:I just wanted to let you guys know how horrible your customer service is.I will never return and I will let everyone I know to not go to your salon.

I was cursed at, disrespected and talked down to. I will be writing on every possible site out there to let everyone know about your horrible customer service. I am going to be contacting higher authority to get my word out there. I left your salon in tears!And this is what I revived back Who are you?

Who gave you bad customer service? You said someone cursed at you? I don't believe this happened at my salon. Why don't you come in and talk about it?

I would have never let this happen to a good client. If you were trying to get something for free and didn't get I welcome you to try getting something for free at any other salon and see how far you get. And then 45 mins later I revived a threatening email on my Facebook saying they knew who I was. And so I go on to yelp to complain about there customer service and it just so happens a that there are new ppl just just signed up that day and wrote about how good there customer service was what bs.

Also my mom called in to there store after I revived the message on Facebook and he went off on my mother saying ppl that go to his salon are cheap *** people. And that yes in fact he did curse me out. It's just a big mess but I would never go here.

Is all I was telling them is that there spray tanner does not work I didnt revive any color but a big orange spot on my hand and if I could get my money back or a re tan.He said no one has ever complained but then tells my mother tht he was so mad with me because I was the 4 th person to complain that week.

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